Cayman Services

Private equity and hedge funds, businesses, and the financial services community worldwide look to the Cayman Islands as an effective domicile to support their global strategies at each stage of the investment and business lifecycle.  

Delivered in collaboration with EisnerAmper Cayman1, EisnerAmper Governance2 and EisnerAmper Advisory Cayman3 our specialized Cayman services can help you navigate the global business environment.  Our experienced, cross-disciplinary team provides:   

Audits of CIMA-Regulated Entities  

EisnerAmper Cayman is a Cayman Islands Monetary Authority approved auditor and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants. They work with asset management firms, company managers, captive insurance companies, investment funds, and trust companies. 

Restructuring and Insolvency 

Specializing in restructuring and insolvency services for Cayman incorporated entities, EisnerAmper Cayman’s Advisory Team3 offers solutions for court-appointed liquidations, voluntary liquidations, and restructuring services. They aim to maximize value for stakeholders with a team of experienced practitioners, providing swift and expert services in complex, multi-jurisdictional cases.  

Financial Statement Preparation 

EisnerAmper Cayman provides financial statement preparation services, including full financial statements or management accounts directly from the transactions or from a trial balance following compliance with different accounting standards such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US GAAP, or other selected standards. They prepare financial statements for a wide variety of financial service and commercial clients. 

Fund Governance & Directorship 

Aimed at helping clients meet their corporate and fiduciary responsibilities in the Cayman Islands, EisnerAmper Governance provides fund governance by establishing ethical and impartial systems within organizations and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations. They provide experienced and qualified Directors, Managing Members, Independent Fund Representatives, and members for Investment Advisory, Limited Partnership Advisory, and Conflict Advisory Committees.   

Cayman Anti-Money Laundering Compliance 

As a leading provider of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance solutions in the Cayman Islands, staffed with certified specialists and experienced professionals, our EisnerAmper Governance team offers a range of services and a complete outsourced compliance function to assist in compliance with Cayman AML regulations and Counter Terrorist Financing (CFT) framework. In addition to being the liaison between clients and the Cayman authorities, they can review, develop and maintain the AML/CFT systems, ensure regular compliance audits, and advise on AML/CFT compliance issues as they arise.  

Cayman Company Management 

All registered Cayman companies must have a Registered Office in the Cayman Islands and our EisnerAmper Governance team offers comprehensive services for maintaining legal and operational compliance, including board secretarial services, the Annual Return, Economic Substance and Beneficial Ownership filings, provision of office space, and independent directors. For clients needing a Registered Office, EisnerAmper Governance is a licensed service provider.

International Tax Compliance 

Since FATCA and CRS compliance is part of the corporate governance process, the EisnerAmper Governance team also provides these international tax compliance services in the Cayman Islands. They help with the FATCA and CRS application process, including entity classification, registration and obtaining GIINs, along with drafting CRS policies, preparing IRS and CRS compliant tax documentation and filing reports. These full-service solutions aim to minimize the cumbersome compliance process for clients while meeting legislative tax requirements and maintaining an effective corporate governance program.

 1 EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. is an independent member of the EisnerAmper Global Network. 

2 EisnerAmper Governance is an affiliate of EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. providing fund governance, company management, Cayman AML compliance, and international tax compliance. 

3 EisnerAmper Advisory Cayman Ltd. is an affiliate of EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. 


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