Fund Establishment/Launch

EA RESIG works with funds at every stage in their development, and we have supported many fund launches to help clients get things started on the right foot. Leveraging the experience of seasoned outsourcing specialists can help funds navigate complex reporting and compliance requirements, while setting up a solid operational infrastructure for the future.

EA RESIG provides expertise and assistance throughout the launch process. We review legal documentation then design and tailor all fund documentation, call letters, reports, and accounts to meet GP and LP requirements. We can:

  • Review Fund Documents and Structure
    • Reporting requirements
    • Fee calculation/Methodology (management fee, preferred return, promote calculation)
  • Establish points of contact
  • Establish Controls and Authorizations matrix
  • Develop the chart of accounts
  • Setup partner database/contact information
  • Setup investor reporting portal
Setting a strategy for continued support throughout the launch process is crucial, because building your new fund on a strong foundation is the first step to success.

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